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Popular 2013 CD´s- LP´s Releases

General Information about Releases.

Zero plus Zero - Lucio Capece Solo CD (Potlatch- April 2012)

track listing
Some move upward uncertainly l Zero plus zero l Inside the outside I l Inside the outside II l Spectrum of One l Inside the outside III

Sruti box, soprano saxophone,double plugged equalizers, ring modulator, bass clarinet, objects used as preparations, cassette and minidisc walkmans, sine waves, tuned backyard.

Recorded in Berlin, 2009-2011
Tracks 5 and 6 premastered by Valerio Tricoli


Venexia (June 2012- PAN)

Mika Vainio: Electronics
Kevin Drumm: Electronics
Axel Dörner: Trumpet. computer
Lucio Capece: Soprano saxophone, Bass clarinet, Sruti Box.

Recorded live by Alberto Spezzamonte, on the 12th of may 2008 at Teatro Fondamenta Nuove, Venice.
Thanks to Massimo Ongaro, Enrico Bettinello, Wim Wabbes and Bill Kouligas.


"None of them would remember it that way" - Released in March 2012.

Chris Abrahams DX7 fm synthesizer
Lucio Capece soprano saxophone, bass clarinet, preparations, sruti box

Mikroton recordings (Russia)


Radu Malfatti- Lucio Capece
december 2011


Compilation 3CD Echtzeitmusik.,177

A compilation offering 230 minutes of original music, specially created by experimental musicians based in Berlin, has been released on the label Mikroton.
I participate on it with a duo piece together with Christian Kesten, and with a short electro-acoustic solo piece.
I deeply thank all the people that worked putting together this work, specially to Burkhard Beins.

Echtzeitmusik Book

This book, was published by the end of 2011. It offers deep analysis and offers the personal experience of several musicians that play improvised music in Berlin. It makes me deeply happy and I feel very honored to have had the chance to offer a short article to the book.
I deeply thank the team, Christian Kesten, Andrea Neumann, Burkhard Beins, Arthur Rother for inviting me to join this lovely project. Also I openly thank the Berlin improvisers (and beyond, musically and geographically) for all the sounds, silences, and time we share.

Reviews on the book can be read here

Many Thanks to the people involved in the HARD WORK of organizing these releases, specially Burkhard Beins.


Choices- Birgit Ulher- Lucio Capece
Another Timbre.(UK)
April 2011


Berlin- Buenos Aires Quintet (released July 2010)- Recording form 2004

Andrea Neumann- inside piano
Lucio Capece- alto saxophone & bass clarinet
Sergio Merce- tenor saxophone & electronics
Robin Hayward- tuba
Gabriel Paiuk- piano

Recorded on October 5th, 2004 at the Goethe- institut in

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