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2013 update NOKOGI Rider v1.06 Apk Game Download

NOKOGI Rider v1.06 Apk

Requirements: 2.3.3 and up
Overview: NOKOGI Rider v1.06 Apk  - The NOKOGI Rider is simple vertical scrolling danmaku STG for Android. The features of this game are 90s arcade teast graphics and thicker sound of my original wave memory sound system VGS. Look is retro, but the control has optimized for touch panel of smartphone.

There are both versions of the free Lite version and a paid full version. Please try Lite version, before purchases.
Please destroy the enemies using shot and laser.
Laser is powerful and able to turn off the bullets of enemies. However you need to charge energy.
There are five levels in the full version.
The Lite version is only one level.
- touch the screen to move target.
- your aircraft is move to center position of the target.
- your aircraft is fire the shot, while to touch.
- energy is charging, while you are not to touch the screen.
- you can fire the laser, after max-charged.
- this is score item.
- energy is charge little, while firing laser.
b) STAR:
- the base-point of SHOT-value will increase, while firing shot.
- the energy is charge to maximum, if not to touch screen or firing laser.
c) Star-DUSTS:
- this is score item.
d) 1UP:
- this is extend item.
- TYPE A: the average performance of most aircraft (for Intermediate)
- TYPE B: aircraft that specializes in high-speed and low-range attack (for Advanced users)
- TYPE C: aircraft that specializes in a wide range of attack and low speed (for Beginners)
- BEGINNER: for beginners.
- SOLDIER: for the normal gamer.
- NINJA: for the special people, called “shooter” in Japan.
There are both versions free Lite version and this full version.
Please try free Lite version before purchases.
The differences of free Lite version and this full version are following:
- number of levels: Lite=1, Full=5.
- saving data: Lite=disabled, Full=enabled
NOTE: there is no in-app billing in this game.
Is a one-time payment at the time of purchase of full version.

Download NOKOGI Rider v1.06 Apk here: NOKOGI Rider v1.06 Apk

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